Marketing / SEO

It is meaningless unless users visit the completed website.

Our company provides you marketing proposals and consulting which put a high value on CPA(Cost Per Acquisition) and SEM(Search Engine Marketing). We aim to lower limited marketing cost and maximize cost-effectiveness.

Lowering of CPA

Maintenance / Operation / Administration

For website business, the maintenance, operation and administration of the site is one of the essential key points in order to provide that business. Therefore, there are situations where the cost and labor will exceed the system construction.

Our company will propose the most suitable maintenance and operations plan that will move your company’s business forward smoothly.

The server downtime during the year, the backup system and response in times of trouble, the circuit bandwidth, and the number of servers... There is an infinite variety depending on your type of business

Next Solutions will propose to you a framework that looks ahead 1 - 2 years.

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