System Solution: Localization / off-shore development



At Next Solutions, we are making use of the fact we are expanding our business in Japan and China by preparing the posture for dealing with “internationalization: I18N,” “Localization: L10N,” and “Multi-bilingualization: M17N” of application systems. Please consider Next Solutions for your company’s international strategy.

(Photo: Japan headquarters)

Off-shore development


At our company, we also comply with off-shore development in China.

The primary cause of the minor trouble that follows “off-shore development” around such as the lack of quality, delays in the delivery date and minute omissions in specifications is mainly the lack of communication and lack of motivation.

At Next Solutions, we are realizing high-grade offshore development by putting a Japanese engineer at the head of the China development team, and placing a Chinese engineer playing an active role in Japan in the Japan headquarters as a bridge SE.

(Photo: China, Sh?nyang branch)