System Solution

A true IT solution that will activate your company

From this point on, IT is starting to assume a role that is indispensable to a company’s important decision-making.

That is because it has become a situation where strategy and tactics cannot even be devised without customer trend analysis utilizing IT.

We cannot overlook the point that the so-called click and mortar, “existing store + internet,” business model is regaining attention. What is necessary for making full use of IT as a tool comes down to how well you can bend your ear to the input of local employees.

Consistent quality control that only a one-stop company is capable of.

imageNext Solutions has undertaken the construction of various assigned software development businesses since our founding in 1995.

We handle everything from back-end systems development, usability based on the viewpoint of web consumers, front-end with high quality design, and the dense connection between promotional activities and systems. The fact that the creation of this "living" system is possible is a strength that only Next Solutions, as a one-stop company, is capable of.


From early on, our system solution division has worked on the framework design of systems that we have developed on our own.

Localization / Off-shore development

Next Solutions has officess in the Japan (Tokyo, Los Osaka) and has branches in China (Shanghai, Sh?nyang). We display our strengths in software localization and offshore development.

EC site construction and affiliate system

EC site system and affiliate system operated by companies on their own already has received the patronage of many corporate customers.