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Outsourcing of EC operation

At Next Solutions, we are not just making use of our experience and accomplishments operating EC sites independently to provide systems, programs and IT infrastructure. We are going beyond that to provide all of the layers involved in EC site operation ? such as inventory holding, picking, merchandise management, merchandise photography, measurement, database registration, practical business details from order to delivery, work involving returned items and customer service ? as an outsourcing service.

Merit of Total Outsourcing

Of course that is the case when entering the EC site business for the first time, and if everything was left up to the person in charge at a large ASP up till now. From those kinds of situations, when entering into EC site operations independently, the securing of in-house resources, which will be a big burden, can be kept at a minimum.

And even if you already operate an EC site on your own, perhaps you are thinking that you would like to maintain the quality and reduce the costs that go into securing resources. Then, by all means, please consider EC site Total Outsourcing.

Next Ec Factory's workflow

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