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What is an e-Commerce solution?

We provide construction, maintenance and operational services aimed at medium and large scale EC sites and online shops.

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Next Solutions, in developing our EC system, established an EC shop entirely operated by our company. That allowed us to confirm through real-world experience what kind of flow is needed in actual operations.

As a by-product, we established the factory (e-commerce division). That makes possible a total outsourcing service that stares fixedly at the overall EC business such as MD (merchandising), shipping duties and customer service that does not stop with the IT layer.

We can take a promotional plan based on real-world experience and campaign update flow, and make use of it to operate the backend smoothly... Please consider the quality that only a one-stop company is capable of.


Deal with a variety of merchandise systems

E Commerce solution, born from apparel EC site development, can deal with the varied merchandise system (even for the same merchandise, there are differences in color and size, making merchandise management complicated) characteristic of the apparel industry. This system can be smoothly applied to other industries where the same kind of complicated merchandise system is used.


This is the EC shop for OSHMAN'S, which boasts a strong position as an American-style sports select shop, and with 5 stores in Japan.

At our company, not stopping at EC site construction, we provide total service at our EC factory from MD, photo shooting, DB registration, packing, to customer service. Currently open as PC site and i-Mode/EzWeb official mobile site.

OkadepaOkadepa: total department store for candy/sweets

For esspride Inc., which has to this point been developing in the B2B market, we support their expansion that also has the B2C market in its sights. We are in total charge from network construction, the providing of systems, design, to promotional activities.

We realized a virtual department store that strikes a balance between the merchandising of a wide range of sweets targeting both B2B and B2C, and a shopping mall that sells sweets.


This is the EC site for Wagokoro Co., Ltd., which merchandises the traditional beauty of Japan with a taste distinctly their own.

Their motto is “enjoy our country’s tradition, culture and arts with fashion.” We certainly took part in the planning of the system, network construction and design necessary for the EC site, as well as the promotional plan. We are tackling the growth of the business together both as a client and as a valuable partner.

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