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Main functions of EC system

Shop function

Customized design
We can freely customize the directory composition and design to match the shop formation and merchandise system. Consignment goods, sites intermingled in shopping malls, EC department stores and simultaneous opening with mobile sites can be handled from the control panel.
CMS function
You can easily register images and descriptions for each directory from your control panel with CMS.
Sales ranking function and function for displaying recommended merchandise
You can also leave it to us to suggest what function should be installed in what directory for effectiveness in stimulating sales and facilitating operations. Of course, administration can easily be done from the control panel.
Merchandise search function
We can install the most effective search bar based on various kinds of merchandise and database flags.

User function

Member rank, point configuration function
Granting of points in proportion to sales and member rank function for regular customers demonstrate their effectiveness in customer retention. You can configure the conditions for granting points, campaign according to the member’s rank and additional services.
My page function
This service covers all the functions that are considered essential for basic EC shops such as purchase history administration, favorites function, function that makes recommendations to your friends and function for registering multiple delivery locations.
Mail magazine distribution system
Not only confirmation e-mail that automatically gets sent when purchasing and sending out automatic e-mail to wish list members when newly-arrived merchandise is registered, we can equip you with mail magazine distribution functions. It is possible to configure the system with a high degree of freedom. For example, it can change the content and then send in accordance with the sending of html mail or mobile phone mail, and member attributes.
Depending on the shop, there is a demand for allowing purchases without membership registration. We can also answer small demands such as whether or not the operator wants to, or should not hold on to credit card information from the time of purchase. Please contact us for details.

Control function

Control panel that is easy to operate
From member administration, sales administration and display of delivery condition to CMS for shop display, banner placement, mail magazine and creation of special features and campaigns, it can all be done from the browser-based control panel.
Sales administration
You can confirm the order status and customer information at one glance. You can easily do things like display the merchandise and customer statistics, which is indispensable to marketing strategy, and inventory administration according to sales.
We also send automated e-mail with the sale situation to the administrator, introduce access analysis software and administer the configuration. Please contact us for details.

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