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Are you misunderstanding the purpose of SEO?


Although SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become firmly established, the incorrect idea of, "I want to get more access by SEO," has not disappeared. It is true that net access increases if your site ranks high in the search result. But the main point is to increase the opportunities that the services provided on the site matches the needs of users. SEO’s true purpose is to match the needs of users and the site’s objective, and attract potential customers that tend to purchase or inquire as a result, not simply to increase access to your website more than is necessary. Next Solutions offers you the optimum SEO solution.

:SEO has already started from the site mapping and writing stages.


Directory structure and category segment often make a difference in search engine results. Whether or not page titles and keywords in the content are pertinent is screened and questioned. Even search engine crawlers cannot circulate your site if the link for your site is configured only by flash or JavaScript.

:SEO is a mid and long-term strategy tool


Currently, newly-built websites do not rank high on search results. It takes 2 or 3 weeks at the earliest, 1month at least. It takes 3 or 6 months at the earliest to make a whole page of your site rank higher. It is more difficult for the website with no SEO adjustment to rank above where it is now. It is essential to design the website based on knowledge of SEO.

:In the end, the web page that is created with sincere intentions wins.


There are some techniques for boosting your ranking by outwitting search engine algorithms and taking the risk of being regarded as search engine spam. But the fundamental function of search engines is to display the result that is as optimized as possible for the keywords that users type in. As long as this is the main purpose of search engines, we assure that websites made with sincerity will move up in search results in the medium to long-term.

:You are to stop wasting your SEO assets immediately


Although SEO is very effective in the long term, is the content of your top ranking page old news? Could a page that was supposed to have been ranked at the top have been deleted by an update on a whim? SEO is not just about making new pages rank at the top. Next Solutions proposes an optimum SEO solution that takes the past and future into consideration.

SEO is not the absolute solution.

SEO is essential, but not effective when launching a website. It is unreasonable to think that a new EC site (in the case of site renewal; for example, it is a different story if the site has already been recognized by search engine crawlers) can depend only on SEO to attract customers.

SEO is not the only way to attract users. Next Solutions provides domain acquisition, preview site launch, accurate scheduling of campaign planning and advanced notification, and propose web promotions and media mix promotions. Please consult us anytime.