Creative Solution: Promotion

Web Promotion

How do you draw attention to your site?

How do you boost your sales?

We propose the route for drawing users who booted up their PC's to your site and leave results.

:Listing Advertisement

We support effective advertising activities that lack waste by optimizing the SEO and listing ad, effectively selecting the middle word and small word according to the effect of SEO.

:Affiliate Advertisement

We make best use of the maturing affiliate market. We develop an affiliate system of our own as well as selection of ASP, configuration of program and banner creation. Having individual affiliate systems has huge merits such as the synergetic effect associated with the increase of inbound link. It makes it possible to operate a site that maximizes the potential of the web by combining blog, SNS, EC and affiliate system.

:Internet Advertisement

We select the most suitable media for your company's services and commodities. Please leave the drafting of a tie-up plan and campaign page production to us as well. And by combining it with an affiliate, you can expect an even greater effect.

:Formulation of mobile site

By making a mobile site an official site with various carriers, it can obtain service at a rank higher than the so-called unofficial sites, and the promotional effect from that is enormous. At Next Solutions, we have formulated numerous mobile sites for EC sites that utilize our e-commerce solution. By all means, please utilize our company's know-how.

Cross-media Promotion

When and why do users want to know information from the internet?

Newspaper ad, magazine ad, ad in the subway, TV commercial, radio, poster in the bar where you are a regular customer, flyer in the shopping bag...

:Promotional strategy for outside of the IT layer

A Flyer with QR code that invites you to a mobile site and a magazine ad containing a URL; hidden behind the frequently seen ads to the internet are various know-how’s and strategies.

Next Solutions offers you a plan for advertising in the media such as magazines and drafting of plans such as tie-ups. We will propose an effective promotion plan for your company's branding and marketing that includes photographing merchandise and models, character development and game development.

Commitment and Target


The market promotion proposal of Next Solutions consists of commitment, sincere regret and further renovation plan based on effect measurement, using access analysis, sales results and indefatigability. Thus, our attitude is highly appreciated by customers. We can say that your have made the right decision in choosing us as your company’s most suitable IT solution partner.