Creative Solution: Design work

Next quality design work

Site planning, page transition planning, writing, artwork, layout, CSS planning, HTML coding, Flash production and Javascript coding derived from content planning or system requirement defining. Our responsibility is to consider them all design work for web systems and provide high-quality websites.

For whom is the design for?


For example, even if it is a packaged EC site system which has functions to some extent, optimum page transition differs according to merchandise, shop scale and target country. We have to fix the page transition before deciding the visual design because the shape and location of link buttons have to be modified for usability according to the different page transitions. In order to plan the page transition, your company has to first establish its objective and target. The point is that, for website construction, it is essential to plan a strategy to share the objective and target.



The effect that writing has on SEO is not minor. At Next Solutions, we propose writing that is optimized for web pages and precisely communicates to users the appeal of your company’s services.



In spite of the growth of off-the-shelf websites, we consider as an everlasting question, “how can we show your originality without sacrificing usability?” Also, the demand for content with flash or movies is increasing more and more. Next Solutions continually provides artwork that incorporate new technology.

:CSS, JavaScript, HTML coding


It is true that underneath a beautiful page is an enumeration of code. That enumeration of code should also be beautiful and rational. Beautiful coding displays superior maintainability. This leads you to save time in the operation workflow. Also, this makes website display faster, minimizes the burden on users and server, and gives you a big advantage for SEO.