Creative Solution: Access analysis

We will not let it end just at... “We only made it.”

For EC site operation, marketing strategy by tracking the user on your site, effect measurement of promotion and access analysis is indispensable. We recommend measuring the definitive effect by analyzing the access log for your site. Please break free of the vicious cycle such as, "We just made it... we cannot figure out its effectiveness. There is no way we can budget for site renewal. We are just continuing makeshift renewals."

You can figure out more than just the access number from access log analysis.

  • Which page did the visitor come from?
  • Time spent on your site (Time from first visit to last click)
  • In the case of arriving from a search engine, what keywords did they search by?
  • Tracking analysis of visitors on your site
  • The most popular page (the least popular page)
  • User agent information (OS, browser)
  • Effect measurement for campaign and mail magazine
  • Sum of unique visitor

For an EC site that can actually earn profits as a store is one thing. For company sites we see many situations where this kind of effect measurement is being ignored, but is this really good?

If a log is provided, we can analyze retroactively.

By investigating in advance the access condition prior to renewal, we can make the strategy after renewal that much more accurate. If the past site access log is saved, that is a “valuable asset.” By all means, we recommend analysis.

What is the goal of the renewal? Is the fact relationship between what we feel to be the problem today and what we guess to be its cause correct? You should be able to grasp that more realistically. At Next Solutions, we conduct access analysis from the provided log and propose improvements based on those results. By all means, please utilize it.

*There are items that are impossible to analyze due to how the log is taken. And, there are situations where the installation method of the analysis software is restricted due to the server environment. Please contact us for details.