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What is an Affiliate Solution?

Please leave the construction of a full-scale affiliate system operated by your own company to our Next Affiliate Solution.

サーバー構築、プログラムのカスタマイズ、 インターフェイスのデザインをトータルパッケージでご提供するサービス
Affiliate Total Package_Server construction / Interface design / Program customization
Next Solutions Affiliate Solution is a service that provides an affiliate system ? which deals flexibly with various needs that are now in demand ? as a "total package," from server construction, customization of programs to interface design.

Introduction to Affiliate Solution

Introduction to functions

We will introduce you to all sorts of functions that the Affiliate Solution has. Depending on the order, the Affiliate Solution can be customized to match the form of your company’s service.

Introduction workflow

For the installation of the Affiliate System, we introduce you to the workflow from inquiry to actual operation in order.

Introduction examples

The Affiliate Solution can be active on various layers. While its usage methods are widely varied, please take a look at one part of an example of its introduction.

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