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Operating the Affiliate Provider is possible as it is.

This basic package has all the functions that enable you to operate the affiliate provider as it is.


This package supports your billing service for advertisers such as billing, issuance administration and payment administration. You do not have to invest more than necessary because the invoice format is html-based.

Also, this package is prepared with the basic information that is necessary and should be offered in order to recruit partners over the web such as “FAQ” and “What is an Affiliate?” We have accomplished the introduction for a minimum customization in about 1 month.

The “Advertising budget limiter function” puts into effect the advertiser’s promotional activities within the limits of the budget. When the cost reaches 80% and 100% of the budget, it automatically sends an e-mail to the partner (operator of website that offers you the advertisement space) that operates the affiliate site. After reaching 100% of the advertiser’s advertising budget limit, it will be treated as exceeding the budget and your valuable affiliate partner will never be bothered.

Functions that deal with various needs

Make operating even easier with the basic package


It is equipped standard with a system for bulk mailing to affiliate partners. You can easily send notification such as notices of newly-arrived promotional advertisements.

A content handling system, such as for news on the top page, is equipped standard to allow for easy operating. You can always incorporate hot topics for the purpose of operating a live website.

Equipped with a function for data linking with a point system affiliate site

This system can send and link the data of every user that accomplished a result for affiliate sites that operate membership/point systems. The affiliate site that received the data can use this for service operations such as returning part of the reward to the user.
※We have prepared samples of the receiving program (Perl, PHP).

Customization that fits your company’s service

Next Solutions can provide one-stop service from server hosting to interface design. The strengths that can only come from such an advantage are its expandability and high level of customized performance. We will support your company starting from the consulting for making practical use of the affiliate.

Global accommodation

Please consult us if want to make use of this overseas. We can also offer this service in English and Chinese.

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