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Interview and sharing your objectives


The ultimate goal of our service is to help your profit gain and customer retention using our affiliate solution.

The workflow is totally different if you start from scratch or you need to link our service to your service or operating system. We start first with an elaborate interview because we have the attitude that we are working together to make a profitable system.

Planning strategy

flow02It is true that affiliate partners increase year by year, but this result does not come only from the affiliate structure. That is because of the balance of the internet environment as a whole such as blog popularization, evolution of EC site and increase in speed and stabilization of circuits.

We can offer you a one-stop website service from server construction to system development and website design. And we offer you the balanced and assured affiliate plan based on actual achievements such as in-service EC site and partnership with advertising agency.

Production, customization and promotion


Based on the strategy, we start producing an affiliate service aimed at reaching your company’s goals. We set out for public release through customization that matches your needs, matching to your currently operating system and testing.

You have to do sales and marketing for advertisement during publication in order to make a profit if you operate your affiliate provider. It is essential to balance between partner and client if you make a profit. Site promotion is also indispensable. We offer you the optimum solution for any aspect.

Delivery, operation and administration


Our task is not finished just with the delivery of system. Not only with the monitoring system on the infrastructure side such as dealing with server operation, administration and security batch, but you can also leave to us the effect measurement, investigating the access condition, measuring the effectiveness against goal attainment, and strategic proposal toward the next layer.

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