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In the case of Affiliate Solution used by an advertising agency.


You can distribute the program to affiliate partners (ad running sites) using affiliate system and ads offered by companies.

You pay compensation to the affiliate partner and gain the ad rate in return from the advertiser.

In the case of using Affiliate Solution for the objective of selling your company’s merchandise.


Companies, such a manufacturers, which handle merchandise on their own can cut down on costs by offering ads to ad running sites directly without going through brokers. You can facilitate the analysis of consumer trends by measuring the effectiveness of ads for the marketing strategy.

Of course, in this situation as well, it is conceivable that you can combine getting ad revenue from your own merchandise and from the merchandise of other companies.

Pursue the possibilities of the web


Not only by operating the affiliate system, but by also offering mail delivery system and blog/SNS, this will effectively improve customer satisfaction and retention. Of course, you can run affiliate ads within mail. And, we can also make available an EC site construction package.

It is also conceivable that you can focus on customer retention by offering blog space to all EC shop customers and have them run your EC site’s affiliate banner. When this produces the desired result, you compensate them with points for your own merchandise.

We have a widely ranged know-how about website construction such as devising the concept for whole sites, IT consulting, server design and construction, installation of blog space, EC site construction and distribution channel construction.

Results of introductions


◆Challenging Japan

Main Function

  • Tool for affiliate partner's exclusive use
    • Promotion search, confirmation of application and result number
  • Tool for client's (advertiser) exclusive use
    • Administration of promotions in effect, approval of affiliate site, approval of achievement
  • Administration with the tool for operator's exclusive use
  • Bulk mailing service for partners
  • Mail notification function when reaching 80%/100% of upper limit of budget and 5 days before the finish of promotion
  • Pay-per-click service (compensation per click: settable by first decimal place )
  • Pay-per-result (fixed amount, fixed rate)
  • 3 kinds of manuscript (manuscript for banner, text and mail)
  • Data link function for partners that operate point system site


After going through providing consulting for site activation, we are in charge of areas such as proposing a business scheme using affiliate and web promotion, introduction and operation of Next Affiliate Solution, member registration system, development of the interface design, mail delivery system and design of campaign page.

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