Next Solutions America New York Branch has been established.



We will open the New York Branch office of Next Solutions America, Inc. (headquarters in Los Angeles) on November 1st. We will further strengthen the cooperation between Japan, U.S. and China, develop effective products, offshore development, and further undertake an aggressive global expansion.

Our EC factory was opened in Chuorinkan on May, 2006.

factoryFor the EC site business expansion moving forward, we opened an EC Factory specializing in duties such as merchandise photography and database input.

We increased capital by ¥20,000,000.


Next Solutions, Inc. increased our stock from ¥25,000,000 to ¥45,000,000 as of May 15, 2006.

We exhibited “TelMeA” project at ATR meeting 2004


ATRATRWe exhibited "TelMeA" project at ATR meeting 2004 (held on Nobember 4 and 5). We received a lot of attention from visitors even though there were numerous exhibition booths.

"TelMeA" project was featured in Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun.


An article on the "TelMeA" project, an on-line community system being pushed forward as a collaborative project by ATR and Next Solutions, was published in Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun issued on May 21 (Fri.)

ATR and Next Solutions conclude an agreement to push forward a collaborative project between business and academia.

Both companies concluded an agreement to utilize the new communication tool developed by ATR for private use and cooperate with research. This will be a project that pushes forward the transfer for ATR technologies for private use. use ATR and Next Solutions concluded the contract that they help to use new communication tool developed by ATR privately and cooperate the research. This business helps to transfer the ATR technology to private use. Next Solutions will provide materials needed for research and put into effect cooperation for improving the results of research.

Next Solutions America, Inc. is established.

Next Solutions America, Inc. was established in Los Angeles, CA of the U.S. (21250 Hawthorne Bl., Suite 500, Torrance, CA 90503) as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Next Solutions, Inc. (Chief Executive Officer: Kazuyuki Kubo). We will provide Japanese quality to the world through the fusion of high-quality development technology cultivated in Japan and cutting-edge American technology.

Outsourcing business of system division has been started.

There are companies troubled with the thought of managing their own systems department in their company due to high cost and difficulty of operation. For such companies, we have started a one-stop service including support, external negotiation and planning. To start off, we have been enlisted to provide total outsourcing of the systems department for a company affiliated with a major food company.

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