Oracle Technology Network Japan: Next Solutions, Inc. operates the OTN Software Kit sales site


OTN Software Kit sales site

Next Solutions, Inc. (HQ: Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Kazuyuki Kubo) will operate the sales site for “OTN Software Kit” starting December 3, 2007 on a full outsourcing basis. OTN Software Kit is the development license kit aimed at individuals provided by “Oracle Technology Network Japan,” the official technical site of Oracle Corporation Japan (HQ: Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Masaaki Shintaku).

With the renewal of the OTN Software Kit sales site, we now take on practically all business related to what is called EC. The areas that Next Solutions is in charge of consist of EC system construction, operation, stock management, marketing, and managing the receiving/sending of orders.

With the renewal, while the concept of the site itself is kept, the site was constructed in a way that placed importance on usability more than before. Especially, the content of My Page was enriched and the fact that you can manage the transfer of user licenses and complimentary licenses in an easier to understand manner is a key characteristic.

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