Business tie-up with Softbank IDC for 24 Hr. server monitoring


Data Center

Next Solutions, Inc. (HQ: Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Kazuyuki Kubo) will start a management service provider business in Softbank IDC Corp's (HQ: Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yutaka Shinto) Suita Data Center (thereafter referred to as “Data Center”).

By stationing technicians who are experts with servers and networks, this new business is a management service where we can quickly respond to the tasks inside the Data Center and troubleshoot any problems. Also, this service materialized from a tie-up with Softbank IDC Corp. and is one of our total solutions with the goal of supporting our clients' services and realizing stable operations.

Because today infrastructure is the lifeline, 24 hour/365 day manned monitoring is becoming essential depending on the service. Our company's service differs greatly from general services in two areas:

1) Technicians are stationed 24 hours inside Data Center

With the importance of infrastructure growing each day at present, even the time from detecting a problem to getting to the site is sufficient time for losing the clients' confidence. With our service, the lead time for our employee to respond after the problem is detected by narrowing down the source of the problem and getting to work on the recovery task will not even be 5 minutes.

2) High-level recovery work

Usually, monitoring service ends at the point when the specified contact person is notified, commands are executed straight from an instruction manual submitted by the client, or the powering on/off is executed. With our company, it is possible to respond in a wide range of ways such as rebooting at the OS level, rebooting a specified process, switching-over to a back-up machine, and putting in a maintenance request to the hardware vendor based on the contents of the maintenance contract. Depending on the contract, it is possible for our technicians to actively handle the recovery tasks even if it was not possible to reach the specified contact person.

With the start of this new business, our company is convinced that by making possible the management of mission critical servers, we will have an even wider range in our business expansion moving forward.

【Outline of new business】

  • Service name
    • Management System Service
  • Service start date
    • 11/1/2007
  • Service contents
    • 24 hour/365 day manned monitoring/troubleshooting response business
    • Work request at the application level *
    • Make maintenance request based on contents of maintenance contract with hardware vendor
    • Equipment installation/removal inside Data Center
    • Server building, network design
    • Periodic visual hardware inspection

      * Please discuss with us each time when it comes to our response to the content and programs that are managed by the client.
  • Business Division Information

    Managed Solution Business Division
    Location: Suita City, Deguchi-Cho 20-1
    TEL:06-6310-7171 FAX:06-6310-7191

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