Total outsourcing service for EC sites has been released.


Next Solutions, Inc. (a web integration company located in Shibuya, Tokyo. Chief Executive Officer: Kazuyuki Kubo) launched a total outsourcing service for EC sites.

Next Solutions is a company that provides comprehensive services related to Internet business from consulting to system development and operation. Because we are operating worldwide in locations such as Tokyo, Osaka, the U.S. (NY and LA) and China (Shanghai and Shenyang), we have a system in place that allows us to pick up on the latest information and trends from each country a step ahead of the rest, and have them reflect in the web development.

What is behind the launch on this occasion of the EC site total outsourcing service is that the environment for providing all of the factors necessary for EC operations has been prepared. This not only includes the creation of the business plan when developing the site, but also merchandising, logistics, merchandise photography and marketing.

For the apparel select shop, “MAKERSSELECT” (, which our company worked on last year (August 2005), we applied that know-how to make it one of the most popular sites.

Our company predicts that the demand for EC site outsourcing services will be high in the future. We aim to become a total solution company for EC sites by launching this service a step ahead of the rest. Not only in Japan, we have made use of our overseas locations and already contracted with several famous select shops such as those in the U.S. Our plan is to expand our business even further in the future.

There are many benefits that companies can gain by outsourcing their EC business.

We believe that you can gain a multiplier effect both in your offline and online businesses without expending resources from your core business by allowing our company, which has the know-how, to totally manage it. And, depending on the company, there are cases where the initial investment will want to be avoided. By jointly operating with our company, it will be possible to disperse that risk.

Service outline

1.Planning phase

  • Planning for EC site, creating business plan, creating a marketing plan, site design
  • Product planning

2.Construction phase

  • Website design, system development, securing of distribution, securing of settlement, and securing of operational personnel

3.Operation phase

  • Put offline and online marketing into effect, stock management, merchandise photography, product registration, distribution management
  • Order management, merchandising

This is a service where we will provide total support during every phase of planning, development and operations above. And our plan is to sell this service to 10 companies from the below targeted prospects this term.


  • Companies with actual stores that would like to enter the EC business but are having second thoughts because they do not have the know-how.
  • Companies that already have simplified EC sites and are planning to fully enter the EC business because they have been satisfactorily increasing sales.
  • Companies that already are members of malls and are considering developing their own corporate site.
  • Companies that are already selling on their corporate site but, because EC is not their main business, they are considering outsourcing to make more efficient use of their resources.
  • Companies that are already operating EC sites but do not have the know-how.

In addition, we plan to also provide select parts of the EC total outsourcing service separately.

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