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This is the EC shop for OSHMAN'S, which boasts a strong position as an American-style sports select shop, and with 5 stores in Japan. At our company, not stopping at EC site construction, we provide total service at our EC factory from MD, photo shooting, DB registration, packing, to customer service. Currently open as PC site and i-Mode/EzWeb official mobile site.


This is a virtual selected department store combining fashion and sports lifestyle and providing products with high value to customers. We provide full support for this site with not only IT services like site design, system design and infrastructure development, but also merchandising, product photography and delivery.

After launching this site, we took total charge of operational management and promotional planning. Currently open as PC site and 3 main mobile carrier sites.

OkadepaOkadepa: total department store for candy/sweets

For esspride Inc., which has to this point been developing in the B2B market, we support their expansion that also has the B2C market in its sights. We are in total charge from network construction, the providing of systems, design, to promotional activities.

We realized a virtual department store that strikes a balance between the merchandising of a wide range of sweets targeting both B2B and B2C, and a shopping mall that sells sweets.


This is the EC site for Wagokoro Co., Ltd., which merchandises the traditional beauty of Japan with a taste distinctly their own. Their motto is “enjoy our country’s tradition, culture and arts with fashion.

” We certainly took part in the planning of the system, network construction and design necessary for the EC site, as well as the promotional plan. We are tackling the growth of the business together both as a client and as a valuable partner.


After the experience as consultant for activating the site, we took charge of the proposal for the business scheme using affiliate and web promotion, introduction and operation of the Next Affiliate Solution system, the member registration system, improving the interface design, providing the mail delivery system, and designing the campaign page.

Challenging JapanChallenging Japan

Challenging Japan is an affiliate provider. We back them up comprehensively from front-end design to the proposal of the information architecture, providing the “Next Affiliate Solution” system, and operational management.

Development Bank of JapanDevelopment Bank of Japan

After receiving the order for website investigation, we took charge of the renewal project for a friendlier website. We provided the site planning and design, and the mail delivery system.

By taking charge of the proposal for the content plan based on the analysis of the monthly access and operational management, we achieved a dramatic increase in access. We ensured many repeat visitors.


This website is about automobile leasing. We totally took charge from the business model proposal ? such as the lease estimate simulation system ? to the promotional plan, website development and the operating plan.


Despite having the largest scale and most beautiful four season scenery in the Aizu-Ashinomaki hot springs resort area, this was not presented well on the web. Aiming at breaking away from this situation, we went through with photographing the scenery of the four seasons over the entire year.

Aimed at activating the slumping domestic tour business, we conducted content planning and research that improves the appeal of the place called Aizu. By conducting an effective SEO action based on constant access analysis, we achieved a dramatic improvement in access and growth of customers through the web.

ATR InternationalATR International

We constructed this site by giving great importance to maintainability and on the premise that a content-handling system will be introduced and it will be easy to manage for the client.

Microsoft UsersMicrosoft Users

We took charge of the proposal for the information architecture that considers UCD (User-Centered Design), site-development direction, as well as coding.

We took part in the construction of the support system and workflow for smooth handling of the information updated biweekly.


We support them in various areas such as cooperative framework in research fields ? such as for internet questionnaire investigation and web accessibility investigation ? and proposals relating to business solutions.

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