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With this corporate website renewal, "TSUTAYA USA, Inc." will help establish new business ventures in the U.S. market and connect companies in the U.S. to their parent company, which has extensive knowledge of consumers in Japan.

As for the site's appearance, we adopted a faithful design with a hint of entertainment based on the fact that the client deals with B to B business and their headquarters' main service is renting A/V content such as CDs and DVDs.

We also set up several functions that provide useful information related to the entertainment industry to potential customers. These functions are implemented in the form of "TSUTAYA RANKING" and "Japan 24/7." It goes without saying that we also added functions essential to corporate websites such as an HR form.

Idea FramesIdea Frames

Idea Frames is an online store that handles sophisticated goods such as table tops, stationeries and home accessories from around the world.

As we started launching this website, we offered the client comprehensive service including the support for overseas advance, construction of e-commerce system, website design, marketing, logistics and customer service.

As for site appearance, we paid full attention to considering both the branding they already hold and appealing point for the U.S. consumer when designing.

In order to make the purchase process smooth, we implemented useful functions such as "MY ACCOUNT" and "E-MAIL THIS PAGE." This site is also ingenious for searching products especially when finding the same product with different color variations on the site. Not to mention that on top of such usability, we also give it a twist by adding feature pages like "GIFT IDEA" and "BEST SELLERS."


J-PANICK! is an online store that delivers Japanese pop culture and style through Anime, J-Rock, Cosplay and Manga products.

Once the project started, we took full charge of the EC site development, product registration, translation, logistics and marketing -- all of which are necessary for operating the EC site in a foreign country.

In accordance with the site's purpose of selling products related to Japanese pop culture in USA, we also carefully considered how the site's appearance and product lineup will be received by potential customers here.

We also realized a high-level of usability that heightens the purchase rate by developing an intuitive My Page function and a global purchasing system.


wargo-nippon is an online store that provides accessories and clothing with a taste of Japan. We helped them achieve their goal of introducing Japanese traditions, culture, and art through the construction of an EC site.

We developed the EC site with essential functions -- such as shopping cart, product search and My Page -- that give users a convenient shopping experience.

We also deployed several campaigns aimed at new and long-standing members that precisely targeted specific customers using a dedicated new product spotlight page or by distributing an e-mail magazine.


Website renewal for "TV Japan", which is the only provider of 24-hour Japanese language television broadcasting service in the USA and Canada.

We adopted the tab navigation design that is common to all pages in order to make the program search function friendlier.

Also, we set up the CMS that is linked to the database in order to allow the client to update the program list. There is also a detailed retrieval function that can narrow down the result by time zone and genre.


We made the blog for "TV Japan." The client's main objective for launching this blog is to build a more intimate relationship with their viewers. They requested from us an appealing design for a blog that represents their business outline, which is "broadcasting Japanese TV programs in the U.S.A."

In developing this blog, we adopted "Movable Type" and offered all-inclusive service consisting of server setup and installation, not to mention the designing and programming. We successfully met the client's demands by adopting a customized template with accessible header navigation that leads to each category page representing a division of TV Japan.

For the background, some Japanese motifs are used subtly to portray the client's business outline. A different color scheme adopted for each category page also helps viewers recognize the content.

Tecnara Tooling Systems, Inc.Tecnara Tooling Systems, Inc.

This site introduces tools for machinery with an on-line catalog. We took charge of website design, system development and operational management. We directed a cutting-edge image and feeling of trust with Flash that placed great importance on design properties.

System development and forum with PHP improved the customer satisfaction level by allowing users to resolve their problems just by visiting the website.

Kagura Shuzo USA, Inc.Kagura Shuzo USA, Inc.

This is the corporate site for Kagura Shuzo which is doing business in the U.S. with its main product, “Kurouma.” We took charge of drafting the plan, site design, system development and operational management.

The design has a feeling of high class and gives an impression of purity, the product is promoted on the top page using a movie clip, and a search function with zip code for stores dealing in the product is installed. We support them comprehensively, such as marketing consultants.


This site guides users through the company’s business, such as recruiting and consulting services, and provides information to companies and job seekers, and allows it to acquire members.

We took charge of drafting the plan and website design. With an atmosphere that is not too stiff and allows users to casually register, it has a design that makes directing them to pages for companies and pages for job seekers easy to understand. The use of the job search function allows job seekers to obtain the information they seek right away.

JBAJBA: Japan Business Association of Southern California

This service site is for an economic organization which consists of Japanese companies in Southern California. We took charge of drafting the plan, website design and operational management.

This site offers the opportunity to exchange information with the organization in order to keep in touch with other divisions seamlessly despite the growth of the organization. Also, this site can inform users of news and events that its members are informed of monthly with print media.

Hotta Liesenberg Saito & Co. GroupHotta Liesenberg Saito

This website is for not only the accounting and tax services, but also for the full support of the company as a business advisor. We took charge of drafting the plan, website design and operational management.

We emphasize the international image and unity of the brand image between Japan office and U.S. office, which strengthens the total brand image. Also we made a user-friendly design which allows users to browse 4 different sites (Japanese and English site for Japan office, Japanese and English site for U.S. office) without getting lost.

Yellow Pages JapanYellow Pages Japan

This is the biggest Japanese on-line telephone directory in the U.S. We took charge of drafting the plan, website design, system development and operational management. This site allows clients to register for the on-line/off-line telephone directory.

Also, we built up the earning system from text ad, full-page ad, on-line coupon and web banner. Columns written by experts in various fields and useful information for living in the U.S. help increases the number of users.

This SNS (Social Networking service site) is for foreign students in the U.S. We took charge of website design, system development, and operational management. Also, we set the search engine, invitation tool, mail, BBS, community, column, job opportunities, calendar, visitor tool, and auto banner change function.


This site offers Japanese information in southern California and radio broadcasting. We took charge of website design, system development and operational management.

The design looks understandable for users even though there is a lot of content, following the friendly atmosphere of the magazine. Also we set the BBS of 12 categories and personal trading system. We support live and on-demand radio content service technically.

Nanae Mimura: Official  SiteNanae Mimura

This is the official site for Nanae Mimura, a Marimba / Vibraphone player. We took charge of drafting the plan, website design and operational management. We achieved a total design that does not mar the artist’s image.

We made full use of CSS that utilizes both liquid and frozen layouts. There is plenty of content including a movie service. By constructing a weblog as a companion site, it allows the artist herself to send information anytime she wants. At the same time, by using both together, it demonstrates effectiveness also from a SEO standpoint.

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